Book on academic and scientific writing

Do you need a book about scientific writing?

With great joy I share the news of the publication of my first book. The presentation is on Saturday, April 2 at 8:00 pm at the Magnasco Institute in the city of GualeguaychĂș.

Upon entering the upper level, students are faced with a new culture, a new way of reading and writing that needs to be learned. Academic and scientific texts: Writing guidelines for beginners has been developed to accompany the entrance to that culture and is the result of years of work with upper level students and with colleagues who have found in these pages a practical and simple guide. The demand and acceptance that I have received from preliminary versions of this manual have prompted me to publish it in print today. Without intending to exhaust the subject, I have chosen a journey through the academic and scientific texts that are often read and written at the university, along with some guidelines for writing and review. Understanding the characteristics of these works is a step towards improving their understanding and production.

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